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Welcome to Eddie Studios: For a Professionally Designed Website

Serving Keene, Peterborough, and Southern NH; Eddie Studios offers complete start to finish website and eCommerce solutions for small to mid size businesses.

A large percentage of the sites developed by Eddie Studios are created for businesses already owning a poorly designed website. A site made by someone who had taken a few courses in web design, or purchased an off-the-shelf program with a web page wizard.

The thought: Anyone can design a website.

The result: Loss of time, money, customers, and often professional reflection.

Professional site design requires skills, and experience, which can not be equaled in the hands of an amateur. Eddie Studios will create a website that presents your business in a professional light.

Facebook: The Common Myth

Myth: I have a Facebook account so I don't need a website.

Fact: Facebook pages were never meant to replace a company website. The point of Facebook when used as a marketing tool for your businesses products or services is to drive additional business to the company Website. The objective of a website is to disseminate information, while Facebook is at the end of the day a social networking platform.

Hence a Facebook presence can never be an alternative to a dedicated website. Both businesses and organizations will showcase their Facebook links to make people engage with their brand. This is a phenomenon which is generally used by well known brands where brand recall is through a set of activities and not through information sharing.

Further, you can not customize, nor is Facebook designed to customize your business presence like a website. Your Facebook page can not be optimized or found on the internet in the same manor as a website, will not reach your target market like a website, and may not be accessible to those without a Facebook account.

Facebook is only one tool in a communication mix, while your company website is a separate distinct tool, and your offline advertising activities are another. They should all work together in harmony. They are not substitute products, but rather they are complementary if used correctly.


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